Have you ever wondered what the whole world would be like as a casino? Casino World answers that question for you. It's a cross-genre game that combines city building with gambling-style minigames. That leaves you, the player, playing the roles of both city planner and high roller extraordinaire.

Playing Casino World is akin to creating your own Vegas and then living in it. Players can choose where to build luxury hotels, dance clubs, and slot halls which provide players with additional benefits. Namely, more coins with which to gamble!

And talking of gambling, there are over 40 different minigames where players can spend their hard-earned coins. Each of which is lifelike and colourful.

While free-to-play, Casino World does offer in-game purchases for their premium currency - Gems.

Casino World Key Features

Simulated Gambling: It's not only classic gambling games like poker, slots, and blackjack, players can also place bets on fictional sports matches for the true thrill of the race.

Colourful Characters: Attractive animated characters in a range of different styles add personality to the already colourful Casino World. As well as new buildings for their cities, players can spend their coins on all manner of quirky accessories for their characters.

Social Gameplay: Designed to foster community and socialising, Casino World offers "Party" features wherein players avatars can hang out and have fun in their gambling paradises together.

Gambling games are not for children. Be sure to comply with local laws and be vigilant as to its dangers - gambling is highly addictive. It can be easy to lose track of money and time. Never spend more than you can afford, and be sure to read gambling aware advice before playing and whenever you think your gambling might be becoming an issue. Be sure to check out advice from reputable gambling awareness bodies like BeGambleAware.org which features a 24/7 free hotline and plenty of excellent free online resources.