Cast & Conquer is an epic new deck building, free to play mobile card game by R2 Games with over 1000 gorgeously illustrated unique cards. Featuring real-time combat and fast-paced action, choose between 4 unique classes, construct a deck, and lead your new forces to victory! Unlike similar games, in Cast & Conquer, unit placement matters - a single turn can change the flow of the entire battle! The timing and placement of your units matters, and your cards can combo with other character class abilities, adding even more depth and unpredictability. Are you ready to start your Journey in the most hardcore mobile CCG you have ever played?

Cast & Conquer Key Features

Fresh Combat System - Strategically summon and place cards on the battlefield, and form combos with other cards!

Reward System - Daily login bonuses, bonus packs, and daily games of "Lucky Draw" for a chance at free cards help you fill out your deck, for free!

Huge Campaign - Explore more than 200 levels of vast and varied locations, face off against hardcore bosses, and learn the secrets of this amazing world

MMORPG Elements - Equip your character with powerful items, complete daily quests and challenges, and level up to gain new abilities!

Team Fights - Group up with friends to take on the toughest challenges and score the best loot!

Multiple Gameplay Modes - Experience the extensive single player campaign, expand and upgrade your city, or compete in PVE and PVP arena battles!