Castle Fight is a free to play browser based grand strategy game which lets you pick a side during the Crusades, and fight for control of the Holy Land. In 1095, Pope Urban II issued his famous proclamation Deus vult (God Wills It) and thus, the First Crusade began. Thousands of nobles and knights, criminals and commoners obeyed his commands, and headed to the east to fight against the Saracens. Now, it is 1109 AD, and you find yourself in Palestine, and control over the Holy Land is still under dispute. It falls to you to help secure a peaceful future for this beleaguered land! Will you fight as a Crusader, and let the cry of "Deus Vult!" be your banner? Or will you defend the holy land in the name of Allah as one of the Saracens? History itself hangs in the balance!

Castle Fight Key Features

Answer The Call - You must fight for the future of this embattled land, but which side will you fight for? Will you follow the path of the Cross, or the Crescent?

Build Your Domain - Construct a vast and wondrous fortress, defended by stout walls and skilled warriors. From here, you will command your men - and the respect of your enemies.

Dozens Of Buildings - Strengthen your castle and your domain with dozens of different structures, all of which serve important civil and military roles.

Lead Your Men - Choose from more than 10 different types of units, and lead them into the fight against your enemy. Whether that enemy is Christian or Muslim, you must win the day.

Reclaim The Grail - The Satan-worshiping Luciferians have pilfered this Holy relic. Can you track it down and recover it, and become the keeper of this artifact of Christ?