Castlot is a free to play browser based online strategy game that blends MMORTS and MMORPG gameplay together. RPG elements such as character progression, equipment, questing and a storyline are infused with a world of war and turn-based tactics. Build and defend your kingdom and fight for whomever you swear allegiance to in this unique twist on the MMORTS genre; will you side with the Light, and fight to protect the people, or the Dark, and fight to conquer them? Whichever side you choose, not only must you manage your resources and construct your kingdom, but you must be willing to undertake quests and engage in deadly battles; you must be both general and hero, both member of an army and an army of one. Can you do it?

Castlot Key Features

Strategy Elements - Manage resources, build structures, and recruit and train units to build, fight, and expand your kingdom. Will you strive for peace... or war?

Plays Like An MMORPG - Level up by exploring and overcoming challenges, undertaking quests, fighting monsters, and defending your kingdom. Seek out treasure, glory, and epic loot!

Fight For Your Kingdom - Be prepared to defend your kingdom and people against your enemies, and be prepared to take the fight to them!