Casus Belli is a free to play, browser based space exploration sim, in which players can design their own starships and set out to save mankind. In Casus Belli, you do not have to explore the galaxy or conquer vast areas of cold and unknown space; your task is far simpler, yet far more important. A mysterious, incursive race known only as "Hunters" have set their sights on Earth, and it is up to you to save your homeworld and mankind! The humans have received technological help from a mysterious benefactor, and now it falls to you and your companions to fight for tomorrow. This, the salvation of mankind, is your Casus Belli!

NOTE: The website for Casus Belli is still up as of January 2018. However, the last update or news post was in January 2014. The game seems to be abandoned.

Casus Belli Key Features

Pimp Your Ride - Buy a ship and deck it out the way you want, with options from weapons to engines! Pilot your customized space ride into epic fights and kick the Hunters out! Use the money you earn to buy more ships!

No Download - Browser games require no download, no lengthy install, no constant updates, and can be played anytime, anywhere!

Save Mankind - The storyline is immersive and the gameplay is demanding; do you have what it takes to save Earth from the Hunters?