Celtic Heroes is a free to play MMORPG for mobile devices where players step into the shoes of Highland adventurers looking to make their mark on their magical world. Join with thousands of other adventurers and set out to explore, fight, and conquer, all in real time. Available for both iOS and Android devices, you can enjoy action and excitement anytime, anywhere! Choose your class, create your character, and set off for adventure! Complete quests, face off against fearsome monsters, and win valuable treasure. Are you a true hero, worthy of your place in your Clan?

Celtic Heroes Key Features

Choose Your Class - Choose your class and get into the excitement. Will you play a cunning Rogue, or a mystical Druid? Perhaps a stalwart Warrior? A mystical Mage? A resourceful Ranger?

Live The Adventure - Work together with other players to protect the world from dark forces. Complete quest and face off against powerful monsters. Use your-hard earned gold to purchase better gear!

Join A Clan - Join a Clan with other Heroes and rise up to defend your honor! Fight off the ferocious and mythical enemies that now threaten your ancient homeland of Dal Riata.

Get In The Arena - Enter the PvP arena and test your mettle against other players. Win valor and honor by defeating all challengers!

Real-Time MMORPG - Play together with thousands of other adventurers from all over the world. Watch your character grow and develop, all in the palm of your hand.

Dynamic Gameplay - The latest update Celtic Heroes: Dragonfire explores the depths of the underworld where you can battle mighty dragons in a quest for gold and glory.