Champions of Titan is a science fiction MMOARPG which blends skill and combo-intense MOBAesque combat with a traditional MMORPG world and gameplay. Mankind has fled the dying Earth and traveled across the solar system to Titan, intent on founding a new homeworld on this, the 7th planet's massive moon. It was not long however before this fledgling outpost of civilization attracted the notice of unwelcome visitors. The Broken, a cybornetic race bent on destroying every human in the galaxy, soon discovered the outpost, and now, you and your fellow humans must fight for your lives. Intense PvE and PvP action awaits!

Champions Of Titan Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Choose one of two rival human factions, the Guardians and the Abandon. While the Guardians and Abandon might battle in PvP, you must join forces to defeat powerful bosses, dungeons, and other challenges.

PvE And PvP Content - Players in the game will challenge the Broken in PvE and the adversary human faction in DOTA style arena fights, Battle Royales, and even free for all PvP challenges!

MMOARPG Meets MOBA - Champions of Titan delivers the freedom and wonder of an MMOARPG mixed with strategic MOBA combat with a focus on timing and skill combos. Its the best of both worlds.

Skill Based Combat - Choose from classical tanky, healy, and damage dealy characters, and then use timing, combos, active dodging, and more to defeat your enemies!

A Real MMORPG - From forming guilds with friends to crafting professions, from exploring the world to selling goods on the in game market, Champions of Titan is an actual MMORPG. You can have your MOBA-like fun and your persistent world too!