Chaos Heroes Online is a new action packed MOBA published by Aeriagames, where two teams of five players battle to destroy the enemy base. Also known as Chaos Online in Korea, it is the official successor of DotA Chaos. DotA Chaos started as a mod in Warcraft 3 when a user named Chogosu translated DotA in Korean after Eul, the creator of DotA, left the modding scene. DotA Allstars quickly established itself in the West, while DotA Chaos quickly rose in popularity in Korea. The two games can be considered as distant cousins who evolved in different environments and with different developers. The most recent developer working on DotA Chaos went on to develop Chaos Heroes Online.

What makes Chaos Heroes Online different?

While many MOBAs decided to distance themselves from the old Warcraft 3 engine, Chaos Heroes Online development team decided to keep the same artistic direction and improve it. The game itself also stays very close to its RTS roots, with consumables such as Anti-magic and Vampiric potions, or even Dispel Wands. Chaos Heroes Online also has a much higher pace than other MOBAs due to its core features. For instance, the ability to buy items anywhere on the map reduce the need to run back and forth between the battlefield and your own base. The timer also pressure the teams to go for high-risk high-reward plays, making the game much more exciting.

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