Chaos Online is a free to play 3D action and fantasy MOBA and RPG with Diablo-like combat and a setting inspired by Western mythology. The story centers around the role that your character plays in the fight against the gods, and the trials and challenges they must overcome. From dragons to demons to gods and goddesses, you will face off against some of the most powerful beings the universe has ever known. Master your skills, yourself, and learn the secrets of the world around you, and bring order from the Chaos!

Chaos Online Key Features

Diverse Skill System - Every character has a group of 5 different skills which can be powered up as you gain experience and overcome challenges. The skill system offers lots of possibilities and combinations!

Action Packed Combat - With a focus on timing and planning, combat in Chaos Online lives up to its name; unpredictable and utterly chaotic. Can you adapt to the quickly changing battlefield?

Western Mythology - Based wholly in Western tradition and mythology, Chaos Online offers a deep storyline that draws inspiration from tales and legends from across the Western world. Experience the saga!