Chaos Rage is a mind-boggling browser MMORPG based on Norse Mythology. It features the unique semi real-time turn-based battle system, as well as hero collecting and growing, castle management and construction, and more, all of which will enable players to lead the gods out of doom and rewrite the history of Ragnarok. Look down upon the world from your throne on high and lead your people in the fight against oblivion! Can you answer destiny's call?

Chaos Rage Key Features

Fresh, Fun World - Unlike other Nordic themed games which always sport a gloomy graphic style, Chaos Rage presents to you a varied style that can be as fresh as the breath of air and as esoteric as November rain.

Unique Battle System - You’re guaranteed to enjoy the unique battle system of Chaos Rage, much effort has been put into shaping the best gaming experience for players.

Reign Supreme - Conquer god’s battlefield as the lord of Elysian City, you look down upon the tiny world from the throne of fortune and supreme power, mighty dragons serve by your side, while twelve Olympians await your order.

Lead The Charge - Call upon your heroes when eternal doom is pending, raise your sword of justice with unwavering courage and lead Gods out of predestined perdition. Can you heed the call of destiny, child?