Chaos Reborn is a new tactics strategy game by Shapshot Games which centers around magical combat between powerful wizards. Chaos Reborn is a sequel to the classic Chaos game first published in 1985, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April 2014. To defeat your opponents, you cast spells and summon creatures, using them to your best advantage! The game also features an extensive RPG mode where you can seek knowledge, power and wealth by adventuring in the Realms of Chaos. You can join guilds, trade items and ascend the social ranks in order to become a God!

Chaos Reborn Key Features

Explore The Realm - Realm quest mode allows you to play in single player, and experience the world and story of Chaos Reborn. Visit different realms and meet wizards and kings of all kinds!

Extensive Options - Master 80 unique spells, including 24 summon creature type spells - from dragons to goblins - fully animated in the 3D Unity Engine. Classic spells from the original Chaos - including the Gooey Blob, Raise Dead, and Magic Wood - also make their appearance. Use illusions and deception to mislead your opponents and gain an edge, equip talismans and magic staffs to enhance your skills, and more!

Many Game Modes - Fight across proceedurally generated 3D battle arenas with various types of terrain, and different levels of elevation, and fight in multiple game modes with extensive co-op options for multiplayer matches - 2 vs 2, or human co-op vs AI players including Classic Chaos mode. Players can even play in offline modes!

Seize The Glory - Join a guild and gain access to guild rankings and special tournaments, compete in leagues and tournaments for ranking and prizes, and crush all opponents on your path to Godhood!