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Charm Farm

Charm Farm is a free to play browser-based farming sim which melds traditional farm games with fantasy RPG elements and gameplay. You are the owner of a  magical forest farm, and you can do all of the standard farm game things, such as growing crops and taking care of animals. However, you plant and grow your crops with magic, and the animals you care for are adorable fluffy forest creatures known as Shmoos. You must defend this magical land from the evil wizard Garp, who wishes to destroy it!  Build new places for the Shmoos to live, take care of the plants, and restore the Magic Forest’s mana sources to prevent Garp from coming back in Charm Farm!

Charm Farm Key Features

Save The Forest – Protect your magical world from the depredations of the evil wizard Garp. Nurture the plants, protect the animals, and bring magic and mana back to the land. It depends on you!

Quest And Learn – Thousands of quests await, all of which present unique challenges and offer bountiful rewards. The magical fairy protector Kaya has been driven away, and you must fill in for her!

Build Your Farm – Like any good farming game, the core of Charm Farm is still growing crops and caring for your land. Tend to the Shmoos, take care of your plants, and expand your farm.

Charm Farm

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