Chibi Kart is a retro, cutesy, and fast-paced karting experience developed by RnR and published by OGPLANET. The game features a huge variety of race modes, tracks, and customization options. Indeed, Chibi Kart is casual gaming at its finest!. The game mixes the glory of chaotic kart racing games like Mario Kart with broad social features and in-depth character customization found in MMOs. This gives players more options and things to look forward to, as they unlock and create karts in their racing career. Race against the world with a variety of items that can aid you on your way to the top. This is the MMO 'Karting' game everyone is waiting for.

Chibi Kart Key Features

  • Unlock karts and find the one that fits your playstyle.

  • Compete on your own or as a team as you show the world your racing talents

  • Choose from a set of game modes ranging from regular racing to chaotic item fights

  • Race against your opponents in an array of crazy courses, guaranteed to give you your 'Karting' fix.

  • Customize/build your own Kart with a variety of bodies, tires, engines, and more.

  • Cutesy characters

  • Destroy your opponents with a variety of items as you work your way to the finish line