Children of Ur is a free to play browser based social and exploration based MMO, and it is part of the Glitch Revival project. Glitch was a popular MMORPG which shut down in 2012 due to lack of funding, and the Glitch Revival movement includes games based on the now open-source code of Glitch, such as Children of Ur and Eleven. Explore the colorful and vibrant fantasy world of Ur with your friends, peacefully and creatively; the focus in the game is not, and has never been, on combat or violence, but on having simple fun with friends from around the world. Everything you do shapes the world, from planting a tree to making lunch; are you ready to shape the future of Ur?

Children of Ur Key Features

Fun For Everyone - With its colorful characters and focus on group cooperation and nonviolence, Glitch based games are appropriate for everyone! Enjoy the bright and relaxed atmosphere, free from the danger of sudden ganks.

Shape The World - Everything you do has an impact on the world; planting a garden or crafting an item, helping a stranger or completing a quest. Help shape the future of the land of Ur, and make the world a better place!

Free To Play - Browser based games mean no downloads, no lengthy signups or billing agreements, no downloading updates, but that doesn't mean they're any less fun; Children of Ur is a true, living, breathing MMO experience.