Chosen Space: Relaunched is a project to improve on the graphics and gameplay of its predecessor, Chosen Space. Chosen Space: Relaunched is an old school, retro space MMORPG sandbox strategy game where players are given their very own starship and turned loose into a sandbox sci-fi universe! Players are given a whole galaxy to explore, and an immense amount of freedom to choose their own path; some may pursue peaceful, industrial endeavors, like hauling cargo to distant outposts or perhaps mining asteroids for rare and precious resources. Others, however, may fight to control planets or entire sectors of space or become bounty hunters, earning their living by tracking down the galaxy's most wanted. Which path will you take? Chosen Space: Relaunched lets you form strong alliances with other players... or deadly rivalries. Will you be a loner? A team player? An entrepreneur? A pirate? The choice is yours!

Chosen Space: Relaunched Key Features

A Living Galaxy - The galaxy of Chosen Space: Reloaded responds to player actions and choices, creating a dynamic setting where every person has an impact, no matter how meek, or how mighty, they may be.

Retro Gameplay - Chosen Space: Reloaded harkens back to the days of text-based RPGs and immersive gameplay. Play as casually or as intensely as you wish!

Thousands Of Unique Planets - With its vast explorable regions and incredible numbers of planets, you will never run out of new places to explore!

Ship Customization - Your ship in Chosen Space: Relaunched is your castle, your home, your lifeline; and you can personalize it! Make your vessel unique