Chronicles of Blood: Nightbanes is a free to play collectibe card game set in a dark fantasy world of vampires, subterfuge, and lethality. Enter this modern horror setting and collect over 1000 cards, build a deck, and defeat all your opponents with a combination of strategy and guile. Step into the deadly world of vampire politics, and take part in both PvP and PvE content as you claw your way to the top. With a beautiful art style that complements this modern work of Gothic horror, immersive gameplay, and a world of strategic options, Chronicles of Blood: Nightbanes will get its fangs into you!

Chronicles of Blood: Nightbanes Key Features

Beautiful Gothic Artwork - The artwork is truly beautiful, and sets the mood and scene perfectly in this dark world of blood and lust.

Deep Strategic Gameplay - With more than 1,000 cards, and more added all the time, the depth and breadth of strategic options in Chronicles of Blood:Nightbanes must be experienced to be believed. Which approach will you take?

PvE And PvP Modes - Experience the story and subterfuge of the world of the vampires, or show your strength against your rivals! Can you claw your way to the top of vampire society, or will you be forgotten?