Chronicles of Denzar is a retro browser-based 2D MMORPG set in the vast fantasy realm of Evita, an open sandbox world where players do as they wish! Inspired by classic games like Dragon Quest and Zelda, players adventure through the world of Evita as one of five core classes each with their own unique play style. With over 100 unlock-able unique abilities and spells, players face a host of enemies as they set out to uncover and defeat the dark forces that are creeping into their world! Now solely developed by former players, Chronicles of Denzar is a crowd sourced marvel! Come experience a browser game with weekly updates, player directed development, and a load of fun gameplay!

Chronicles Of Denzar Key Features

Create Your Character - Choose from five different basic classes and four different races, each one offering unique abilities and playstyles. You may distribute your stats any way you like, and since all stats are important for all classes, quite a lot of customization is possible.

Advance Down Many Roads - Beyond the five basic classes, characters can unlock 30 different class promotions! These promotions allow further refinement and customization, and enable players to create the exact character they want to play.

Set Off For Adventure - Explore thirty eight different zones, each with their own unique enemies and bosses. Face off against fearsome monsters and gain XP, and level up. You can even tame monsters and train them to fight at your side!

Non-Combat Activities - You can mine for ore and gems, smith your own weapons, and cook your own food. Write books of lore and sell them to other players, open a shop, dig for buried treasure, discover hidden quests... there's always something to do.

Massively Multiplayer - You play with loads of other players from around the world! Create a clan of your own, or join one, and hang out with friends new and old. Get in the arena and try PvP. Open a shop and sell items to other players. That second "M" in "MMO" matters!