Chronicles of Eidola is a free to play, turn-based browser fantasy MMO strategy game set in a mystical and unusual land. In Chronicles of Eidola, you play as an avenger who must work with servants, heroes, and even devils to achieve your goals! You can team up with other players to take on the toughest challenges, such as very difficult quests or boss monsters. If you like PvP, you'll find it here; you can confront other players and disrupt their plans, strengthening your own position in the process.

Chronicles Of Eidola Key Features

PvE Abounds - Explore and quest alone, and learn about the world and its heroes. Team up with friends for the Guild Battle mode. You can even take on The Gauntlet and find out where your limits are!

Enter The Arena - Get into the PvP arena and fight for honor and top prizes. Each player can challenge 15 times each day and also you can use diamonds to buy more attempts. The Higher position you get, the more rewards you win!

Demanding Gameplay - Players will need to be inventive and adaptable if they hope to win. With so many Eidolon to use, a fluid fighting system, and dynamic and unpredictable battles, Chronicles of Eidola demands all of a player's skill.