Chronicles of Elyria offers up the most dynamic and immersive game experience to date. In Chronicles of Elyria, your character grows old, ages, and dies, so you must think beyond their lifespan, and decide how their role will impact the world at large. Enter the world as a member of a player-run family and blaze your way in the world, becoming a landed lord and managing your kingdom as a strategy game, or, for the more action-oriented, seek fortune and glory as an adventurer! Chronicles of Elyria features a unique AI-controlled fantasy world which responds to player actions, such as killing another character or amassing fantastic amounts of wealth. Within the dynamic, ever changing world of Chronicles of Elyria, not even the developers know for sure what the future holds!

Chronicles Of Elyria Key Features

Be Who You Want To Be - Featuring a classless, skill based character development system, you can tailor your character to your exact desires and tastes

Dynamic, Immersive World - In Chronicles of Elyria, if an action can influence the direction of events, it probably does; with characters who age from the moment they're created to a game world which responds to player actions, the gameplay experience is ever changing.

Player Skill Matters - In Chronicles of Elyria, every action, from forging a sword to swinging it in battle, relies on the player's input. Every action requires some degree of player skill; will you strive to become the realm's most skilled weaponsmith... or weapons master?

Realism Like Never Before - A journey into the wilderness can prove fatal, if you fail to bring enough food and water... or an accurate map. Your family will support you, your servants may rob you, and bandits may attack you on the road. The unwise will quickly find themselves dead in Chronicles of Elyria, and the amoral may waste away their years in prison. With a unique Pay - Per - Life subscription model, consider your choices carefully!