Chronicles of Merlin is a Browser-Based MMORTS/MMORPG Hybrid that takes place in the magical world of Merlin the Magician, alongside the greatest heroes and villains in history. You will fight alongside Merlin and other allies as you are caught in a rift and transported to Merlin's alternate reality, Westmore. Here, stunning visuals, in-depth RTS strategy and many traditional elements of the RPG are combined to create a world like never before: stalk Robin Hood, face the terror of the Mongolian Horde and raid Pharaoh's Tomb as you embark on a grand, new adventure.

Chronicles of Merlin Key Features

Get The Gear - To be at your best, your gear must be at its best! You can buy new gear or you can use what you gain from doing quests and completing challenges. Remember; a sword is a hero's best friend!

Fantastic Adventures - From the shifting sands of Egypt to the deepest copses of Sherwood, the legends and tales have come to challenge you!

Strategy Gameplay - Collect and train units, research new technologies, and more; Chronicles of Merlin melds RTS and RPG into a fun whole, filled with magic and mystery.