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Chronicles of Nerdia Chronicles of Nerdia Chronicles of Nerdia

Chronicles of Nerdia

Chronicles of Nerdia is a free to play superhero browser game that answers every nerd’s age old question; what if I could become a superhero? You are an ordinary and very boring person, but you’ve finally decided what you’re going to do with your life. You will be a superhero! Superheroin’ ain’t easy, however, and a long and difficult road lies ahead of you. You must train both your mind and your body if you wish to overcome the obstacles in your way. You must work to earn a good reputation around town. And, of course, superhero costumes and gadget’s don’t come free; you still need to earn money to pay the bills and cover expenses. Who knew being a superhero could be so hard?

Chronicles Of Nerdia Key Features

From Humble Beginnings – Going from zero to hero is no easy task. You’ll need dedication, discipline, and more than a bit of exercise! Train your body and mind to tackle the challenges that await, and get ready to put on that spandex.

Super Skills – There’s more to it than just putting your underwear outside your pants. You’ll need to learn to overcome supervillians, protect innocents, and doing all those things superheroes do every day. As you adventure, you can gain new skills and powers, and protect even more innocents!

Fame. Wealth. Power. – At first you’re working out of your garage, but prosperity is coming.  Search for superhero jobs around the neighborhood to earn money and improve your reputation. Upgrade your powers, gear, and costume with your hard-earned cash!

Chronicles of Nerdia

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