Chrono Wars is the free-to-play browser-based action MMORPG by Narvalous. The game puts players in an immersive world in which they have to save the world from demonic infestation by traveling back in time to restore human history, which was invaded by Phantom Armies. The game features 3D graphics with a quick to download micro-client.

Though currently not supporting Google Chrome, you can play the game through the Chrono Wars Client, which takes about 3 seconds to download, the Maxthon browser, or Firefox.

Chrono Wars Key Features

Cutting-Edge Technology: The game runs on the Fancy3D Engine, which is a light-weighted powerful 3D engine.

Cinematic 3D Visual Effects: Ultra-realistic game setting, which is a feast to your eyes. Get ready for beautiful characters, breath-taking scenes, eye-popping beasts as your pets, and powerful mounts that you can choose from.

Epic Story: The storyline of Chrono Wars features time travel to 6 eras in history. Battle with historial greats to defeat demons and save the world!

Versatile Play Modes: Glorious PvE, PvP, field battles, and boss fights can all be found in Chrono Wars. Once you control your character, you control the entire world!

Spectacular Pet System: A fun and immersive pet system allows you to master the fiercest of beasts and use them as mounts and loyal pets.