City of Heroes is a pay to play MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSoft, set in a wonderful world full of super powered superheroes! Players in City of Heroes can suit up in brightly colored, skin-tight costumes and take to the skies, the streets, and the sewers, and use a wide array of superpowers to beat up bad guys ranging from common street thugs to dastardly supervillians, bent on world domination! Create a character, design your costume, pick your origin and your array of super powers, and set off to search for adventure and deliver swift, costumed justice to evildoers all across the sprawling metropolis of Paragon City!

City Of Heroes Key Features

In Depth Avatar Customization - Players in City of Heroes can customize their character's appearance in hundreds of ways, from body size and hair color to things like costume elements and symbols! At higher levels, characters unlock even more costume slots, allowing you to switch between looks at a whim!

Huge, Open World - Paragon City covers many sprawling, interconnected zones, and the whole city spreads out over dozens of virtual square kilometers! From evil cultists in the overgrown woods of Perez Park, to gangland wars and mafia thugs on the freeways, to robots that have overtaken Boomtown, this huge city is yours to explore!

Hundreds of Customizable Powers - Characters can select a role, such as tank, blaster, or defender, and then pick their abilities and powers from myriad different primary and secondary skill sets, As you grow in skill, you can socket enhancements into your powers, making them more powerful and useful! Universal power sets round out the choices; you can fly, teleport, leap over tall buildings, and more!