Civilization Online is a unique browser-based hybrid strategy MMO in which players work together to build and lead a civilization from the stone age to the space age. Play as the Aztecs,Egyptians, Chinese, or Romans and create your custom avatar and then choose which role you will play in the expansion of your empire; will you seek peace, or war? Research and develop new technologies, construct buildings and great wonders, wage war, or conduct espionage to achieve victory over other players and civilizations in a dynamically changing world. At every step along the way, you'll need both cunning and teamwork to guarantee your civilization thrives and overcomes all challenges. Do you have what it takes to be a leader throughout the ages?

Civilization Online Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Play as the Aztecs, Romans, Egyptians, or Chinese, and rewrite history! What would the world be like if the Azetcs advanced to the space age?

Play Your Part - When you create your avatar, you choose a role to play in the developing civilization. Play as a fighter, resource gatherer, or builder and do your part for the greater good!

Factional Warfare - Each faction wants to come out on top; to make sure it's yours, you must be prepared to fight!

Browser Based, Bite Sized - Every match is complete, with your team advancing from stone age to the space age in the course of a single match; play anytime, anywhere!