Civilization VI is the next installment in Sid Meier's immensely popular Civilization series of epic world-building strategy games. In Civilization VI, players begin with a tiny village which they shape and grow and lead, from the stone age to the information age, from a tiny hamlet to a thriving empire. Where you build is now just as important as what you build, however; not only must you manage the resources required to build something, you must take the surrounding geography into account. From economic development to scientific advancement to warfare, Civilization VI provides the immersive and epic strategy experience you've come to expect from the Civilization series, but with more dynamic possibility, unpredictability, and options. What shape will your Civilization take?

Civilization VI Key Features

Think On Your Feet - A rote path to victory is no longer possible; you must take into account your location, the changes going on around you, who your neighbors are, and more. Remember, that as time marches on - and it will march on and on - situations change. Can your Civilization stand the tests of time?

Research And Development - Research is as important as ever; unlocking advancements can give you an economic or military edge, improve productivity, and more!

Plan Your City - In Civilization VI, every structure is part of a district, and the placement of those districts is crucial to success. Certain geographic locations convey bonuses to certain districts; will you use an available mountaintop to build an awe-inspiring temple or a sky-searching observatory?

Diplomatic Solutions - Every leader has desires and goals, and you must take your neighbor's intentions to heart when opening negotiations. Remember, even peaceful Gandhi might have a dark side!

Combined Arms - Sometimes, relations break down, and you must be ready to fight; what units you field, as well as how you field them, has never been more important. Units can now be embedded within other units, like anti-tank support with your infantry, or warriors with your settlers. Similar unit types can be combined to form powerful "Corps" type units.

Multiplayer - Play together with friends in new cooperative modes, or against them in a competitive race to world domination. Can you outplan, outwit, and outfight would-be usurpers and conquerors?