Primitive universe, chaotic space. Welcome to ClanCraft! ClanCraft is a browser based empire building game that has an instantly recognizable theme, name and mechanics inspired by many other games rolled into one. Various galaxies of different environment exist in the infinite universe, which one specific galaxy with dozens of planets were there quietly. Time elapses slowly, and a life entity was gestating silently in the chaos, which would be named by herself as 'Naya' after her birth.

Naya had unspeakable power that can instantly destroy space or create lives. She didn't like the feeling of loneliness, thus she started creating different live forms on the nearest planet using her infinite power and give them vitality through her beautiful song. The land became full of vigor and she named this planet 'Dios'.

ClanCraft Highlights:

  • Interactive interface

  • Has a backstory

  • Plays in a browser