Clash of the Dragons is a fantasy free to play browser trading card game, where war and civil strife cast their grim shadows over the kingdom of West Kruna. But a hero has arrived on its shores, and swears that the tyrannical king will be overthrown. Collect cards, battle other players, clash with Dragons and become a legend!

Clash of the Dragons Key Features

Build Your Deck - Build a mighty deck full of great heroes, powerful sorcery, and deadly weapons.

Test Your Skill - Battle AI-controlled monsters in tests of skill and strategy. Learn the ropes and tactics here, to use in PvP later.

Fight Makes Right - Challenge other players in Live combat to prove your abilities and the strength of your chosen decks.

Hidden Legends - Track down legendary cards to bolster your forces. These powerful cards can open new avenues and tactics.

Fantastic Story And World - Take part in an epic adventure filled with glory and heroism.

You Are The Light - Become the champion the kingdom needs in this dark time. The world needs a hero, and that hero is you.

Hear The Tale - Learn what’s happened in West Kruna over the 250 years which have elapsed since the events of Dawn of the Dragons.