Clash of Lords 2: Heroes War is a free to play tactical mobile strategy game for Android, iOS, Amazon and Windows Phone. Clash, battle, and fight your way to the most powerful empire by building your army of loyal soldiers, hiring lethal Heroes, and learning magic spells. Send your army out on combat missions or raid players from all around the world, and gain more glory and fame. Players in Clash of Lords 2: Heroes War can choose from over 40 Heroes and their squads of mercenaries, build and upgrade a fortified base to withstand attack, and play with their friends and against their foes in nine PvE and PvP modes. Get ready to Clash!

Clash Of Heroes 2: Heroes War Key Features

Free To Play - With a true free to play model and free login rewards every day, you can truly enjoy Clash of Lords 2: Heroes War for free!

Fast Paced Real Time Action - You control your heroes in real time! Use timing and tactics to use skills to your best advantage, and play to your strengths - and your enemy's weaknesses!

Team up - Pair heroes and troops together in Mercenary mode! What combinations work best for you?

Play Your Way - With nine different PvP and PvE modes, Clash of Heroes 2: Heroes War offers something for all gamers, right on your mobile device!

Play With Friends - The guild system in Clash of Heroes 2: Heroes War allows you to easily fight alongside - or against - your friends!