Clash of Avatars is a fun, light-hearted free to play 3D browser based MMORPG set in a world of daydreams, where players create characters based on anime and cosplay. Clash of Avatars focuses on fun and laughter, on colorful characters with adorable and increasingly powerful fantasy mounts such as dragons, companions, and adventures. From battle quests to epic arena dance-offs, the game's primary focus is on fun and frivolity, not on an endless cycle of kill monster, get treasure, repeat. Players in Clash of Avatars select a character - a Mage, Priest, or Warrior - and then enter the game to begin the quest line and discover the secrets of this colorful world! Anime, K-Pop, and dragons, mount up!

Clash Of Avatars Key Features

Vibrant, Living World - Players are met with a warm, fun and friendly 3D world of rich and colorful daydreams, which they can explore in a true 3D view with zoom function.

Lots Of Options - Select from one of over 60 fancy and powerful Avatars, 50 mounts, and nearly a dozen loyal pets, and dance, fight, and explore your way through the world.

PvP Content - Enter myriad PvP modes, ranging from battles in the Colosseum to fast paced Flag Conflicts! Can you prevail in the ultimate Clash of Avatars?

Lots of PvE - Players can fight World Bosses, take part in Corridor Defense, or even simply explore the world and undertake quests, which can be automated; the PvE content in Clash of Avatars is fun and rewarding!