Clash of Olympus is a free to play side-scrolling browser RPG game. Players travel through different periods of time as the story goes on, unlocking secrets of the land and themselves. Create your character - will you be a Knight, a Mage, or an Archer? - and set off to claim glory and fortune. Beware; the world itself is against you, and you must be strong enough to stand fast, no matter what may come! Train your character by completing challenges and quests, equip them with the best weapons and armor, and master all of their skills in battle; when you're ready, you can face off against powerful bosses, step into the arena, and more!

Clash of Olympus Key Features

Claim The Spoils - Defeat competitive enemies in the Warrior Hall and obtain powerful skill cards.

You Are the Underdog - Enjoy the one-against-thousands situation and try your best to survive. Here is the place you can build your body and steel your soul.

Beauty Abounds - Escort the beautiful, stunning goddesses of Olympus, but beware of those plunderers who are looking for trouble.

Strength In Numbers - Found or join a legion, which are powerful allies who offer solid support. Go fight for honor in the legion war and be the champion of Olympus!