Closers Online is an anime styled combat MOARPG from Naddic Games which puts players into the shoes of a Closer, a psychic warrior entrusted to find and close dimensional gates! The year is 2020, and Seoul, Korea has become a dimensional battleground, and it falls to you - and a bunch of other unlikely high-school age heroes - to protect mankind. Put on the uniform of the Black Lambs - a group of high school students turned dimensional protectors - and become the Closer, and take the fight to the dimensional invaders. You'll need all the strength, speed, and wits you can muster if you hope to make it through this fast paced action RPG alive!

Closers Online Key Features

Four Powerful Classes - Choose from four interesting and exciting characters, each with unique strengths and weaknesses! Seha Lee the Striker, Yuri Seo the Ranger, Selubi Lee the Caster, and J the Fighter!

Fight A Dimensional War - Take the fight to the streets of Seoul and kick the invaders back to their home dimension! The intense action, immersive storyline, and wonderful anime-style graphics will draw you in.

Action RPG Excitement - Fast paced combat and intense sci-fi action await; use everything from cybornetics and swords, to magic and firearms, to your own two hands!