Cloud Nine is a Free-to-Play fantasy filled MMORPG. If you've heard of Holic Online, you'll realize that Cloud Nine is Netgame's sequel to the original game of Holic. It contains more action, greater amount of quests, and improved game play. Netgame has also added or enhanced exciting features like the Monster Transformation and PK (Player Kill) system, Pet Taming System where you can turn a wild monster into your pet, Transportations by dragons, unicorns, and human cannons that help your character fly across land, and many more captivating updates.

Cloud Nine Key Features

Quests And Adventure - Go on quests to earn special items and gain experience; you'll need both as you face tougher and tougher challenges!

Play Together - From crafting and trading to joining guilds to PvP, Cloud Nine is all about playing with - or against - others. There is even a Master/Apprenticeship system which benefits older and younger characters alike!

Mounts And Pets - Gain mounts to help you travel around the world more quickly, and pets to help you face down whatever may come!