Colonies Online is an MMORPG sci-fi game where players take the role of colonists fighting for wealth and survival on far flung planets in the depths of space. Establish new colonies, fight the hostile creatures and fauna, form alliances with other players, or march to war against them; Colonies Online is a true sandbox, and emphasizes freedom of player choice. With huge open areas to explore and plenty of new planets to explore and conquer, Colonies Online ensures that players will never run out of room, and a steady stream of dangerous creatures and environmental effects guarantees that players will never grow bored!

Colonies Online Game Features

Choose Your Path - You are free to decide your own path and how you wish to interact with your fellow players; will you be an honest trader or a cutthroat pirate?

Clear "Non Target" System - The targeting system provides a dynamic experience and keeps your hunt for other players and harmful creatures interesting!

Build And Advance Your Colony - Lay claim to a section of ground and establish a colony! Build and defend it, and claim your share of wealth and excitement!

Huge Open Universe - Survival in Colonies Online is difficult enough; will you team up with other players and find strength in numbers, or will you try to go it alone? Will you be a friend to other players... or a deadly threat?