Combat Arms: Reloaded, formerly known as Combat Arms, is a free to play online tactical first-person shooter featuring realistic shooting mechanics allowing you to kill an opposing player with a few well placed shots. Combat Arms is all about fast paced, tactics heavy modern day FPS action, with a true free to play model; there are no overpowered guns to be found in the cash shop. Players can engage in nonstop bullet-flinging action from the instant they log in, due to the fact that the game has more than 10 million registered players! The recent Combat Arms: Reloaded update has brought the game back to the cutting edge of shooter gameplay, with enhanced features, game modes, and more. Combat Arms offers everything players have come to expect in a modern shooter, from diverse game modes, to clans, to a ranking and advancement system, and it offers it all for free! Lock and load, and get into the fight!

Combat Arms Key Features

Diverse Game Modes - From One Man Army to Capture the Flag to traditional multi-player co-op matches, get ready to enjoy myriad types of matches and game modes. Will you master a specific type, or try to rule them all?

Hundreds Of Guns - Equip and use more than 600 kinds of guns; rifles, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and more! Mastering your weapon will be a huge factor in your survival. Realistic shooting physics keeps gameplay tense, as a few well-placed shots spell the end.

True Free To Play - There are no pay to win mechanics, no "golden bullets" or overpowered guns in the Black Market, Combat Arms' cash shop. The only way to get an edge over others is to simply play better than they do!

Socialize - Form clans, keep track of your allies with an in-game friends list, and compete with - or against - people from all over the world. The community of Combat Arms is immense! There is even a ranked play system for those who enjoy a more competitive type of game.