Company of Tanks is free to play cross-platform game targeted at a casual audience on mobile/tablet-platforms. The game features both a single player and multiplayer experience. Lead your tank into battle against other players online and earn money to buy new tanks or upgrade and customize your existing ones. Test your battle skills in a selection of various different environments and game modes, from King of the Hill to Deathmatch, from the frigid Early Frost map to the treacherous Ravine map. Are you ready to join over 400 thousand other players in fast paced tank combat action, all on your favorite iOS or Android device?

Company Of Tanks Key Features

Compete And Meet - Play with and against players from all over the world in fun, fast paced Tank combat action.

Choose Your Weapon - Choose from 15 different World War II era tanks, which are divided into three different classes. Which one will be your favorite?

Customize Your Tank - Unlock 30 custom skins, upgrade your tank and customize the controls, all without spending a dime! You can unlock every upgrade in the game through normal play if desired.

No Pay To Win - Cash shop items provide cosmetic upgrades and changes only, there is no pay to win tank, ammo, or module.