Conquer Online is a free to play 2.5D Isometric MMORPG featuring traditional open-world PVP, a fast levelling system and several character classes, each with multiple specialization paths. Conquer Online is sent in a fantastic world based on the ancient Orient, a world of mystery and mysticism. Stylized in a traditional MMORPG fashion, Conquer Online borrows many elements from older MMOs such as Ultima Online, and as such, offers an experience specifically tailored to fans of the genre, and those looking to become a part of it. Enter this fantastic world and learn, explore, and grow, all for free!

Conquer Online Key Features

Diverse Classes - Choose from the powerful Dragon Warrior, the stealthy Ninja, the mysterious Taoist, and more! Each class offers specialization options to further tweak your character.

Multitude of Quests - From Zone Quests to Personal Quests to Equipment Bonus Quests, you are presented with numerous challenges to overcome as your character grows.

PvP Anywhere - You are free to engage in PvP anytime, anywhere, but beware; accumulate too many PK (Player Killing) points, and you'll wind up in jail!

Mount Up - Not only can you acquire and ride your mounts, you can train them, armor them for combat, and even race them!

Play Together - Join guilds with friends new and old, and adventure together and overcome tougher challenges. You can also engage in guild specific PvP battles.