Conquer Online Mobile, also known as Conquer Online II: Infinite Battle, is a Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG for iOS and Android. Conquer Online Mobile is a version of the famous Conquer Online for mobile devices, featuring traditional open-world PVP, a fast levelling system and 6 character classes with multiple specialization paths, all set in a fantasy world based on the Ancient Orient. Stylized in a traditional MMORPG fashion, Conquer Online borrows many elements from older MMOs such as Ultima Online, and as such, offers an experience specifically tailored to fans of the genre, and those looking to become a part of it.

Conquer Online Mobile Key Features

World Without Boundaries - Explore an open world where you can do just about anything! From multiple classes and specializations to open world format, it's all about choices.

Who Will You Be - Suit up with your armor to play multiple classes and fight. With up to 512 combinations of classes available for choice, you can basically become whoever you dream to be.

Huge Battles - Enter huge PvP battles where thousands of people fight at the same time! The controls are simple, letting you concentrate on fun, not your fingers.

Easy To Control - Optimized for mobile devices, it's simplicity to do everything from questing and monster hunting to PvP, all from your favorite mobile device!