Contract Wars is the first Russian multiplayer free-to-play first person shooter with RPG elements which is available as both a browser-based application for social networks and as a full-fledged downloadable client version. CW is set in the near future, where all political decisions are made by the private military companies (PMC) which now hold most of the power.Warriors from around the world face off, wielding the most advanced weapons and using cutting edge tactics. CW takes place in a war-torn area of Eastern Europe where interests of two rival PMC – USEC and BEAR - have collided, creating a difficult web of political, social, and economic factors. Contract Wars offers a wide array of military scenarios – day and night diversionary operations, coordinating of airstrikes, convoy defense, border skirmishes, and fights for strategic areas. Can you survive in this world of hypermodern tactical combat?

Contract Wars Key Features

Weapons – Equip yourself with modern firearms from all over the world, kit them out with unique modifications and accessories, and wield them to best advantage. You can even use cutting-edge weapons, fresh from development, which are not available for sale anywhere!

Role-Playing Elements – Experience points, skill and credit points accumulation, weapons purchase and maintenance, class-based skill trees, career advancing, 60 ranks, missions and contracts, achievements and other awards, character customization, and more! Contract Wars is the shooter that plays like an RPG.

Rewards Team Play – With special awards for everything from kill streaks to tight team play, Contract Wars encourages professional team-based play. Through the rating system, you can see how you stack up against your competition.

Browser or Download - Play in your favorite social network, or download the full version! You can play anytime, anywhere.