Copia is a free to play fantasy hybrid game which combines elements of card, strategy, and role-playing games into a unique and engaging experience. On the Continent of Landea, the humans, orcs, and faeries all lived together in peace and harmony, but it didn't last long. The demon lord Nazlan led his Demon troops from the Netherworld and invaded this peaceful land, throwing the world into darkness. It falls to the player to fight back against these demonic hordes! To do so, you must grow in strength and explore the land, making new friends and allies along the way. Can you save the realm from the demonic onslaught?

Copia Key Features

Get In The Fight - Players can attack the enemy in 3 ways, either from the front, in the middle or at the back. Once any of the player’s units defeats the front row of enemies, they can then head straight to attack the enemy’s leader! Once the enemy leader has fallen, victory is yours! Enjoy both PvP and PvE modes and take it to the enemy.

Flexible Deployment - The player can re-deploy different Cards depending on the situation, so as to deal with the different challenges as they arise. Find the weakness in the enemy’s lineup and adjust your lineup accordingly, or even try your luck and use a card from the ‘Mobile Deck’ to replace your injured fighters!

Develop Your Skills - Each unit has a unique active skill, and the player can use the unique skills of their units to devise a special strategy. In addition, train passive skills, faerie skills, and more, to get the best array of strategic options!