Core Blaze is a brand new MMO that will reignite your passion for online gaming! Core Blaze removes the need for fixed player classes. The weapon you choose each time will define your class-like abilities for that adventure. Your freedom to choose a different type of weapon for each adventure requires some thought and planning, so choose carefully! There was a time when the land didn’t look like this. This was the time of the gods. The gods made a terrible sacrifice to expel powerful and ancient demons. Because of this, their deeply beloved land was burned with curses forcing the gods to leave. Only the gods’ people can now live here; the gods have fled. You are alone.

Core Blaze Key Features

Classless Characters - The weapons and armor you select and equip for a battle will determine your capabilities, not straightjacket-like classes. As you adventure, your skills and attributes will improve, strengthening you further.

Teamwork Is A Must - For instance, when a cliff is right in front of you, you can work with your teammates to cross it; or, to cross an impassable river, you and your partners can cut down trees along the riverbank to build a quick bridge!

Living World - Missions are designed to include main plots and sub plots, and the scenes will change based on players’ game progress. Even in the same scene, the environment, as well as the monsters, may be very different.