Core Exiles is an online sci-fi world the likes of which you have never seen before. Here you become the captain of your own spacecraft trying to make your way in six galaxies. What you do is entirely up to you. You might choose to take on combat missions, whether upholding the law and protecting your fellows, or breaking it and preying on merchants and settlers. You might choose the path of the crafter, designing and building toward a better world - or a fortune. You might even build a settlement, constructing factories and managing resources to make your way and your fortune. Whatever you do, you'll do it in a living galaxy full of other players; will you befriend them, or end them?

Core Exiles Key Features

Fight - Set off to fight to defend yourself, your settlements, and your allies, or set out to destroy them! From ship combat to mech combat to economic combat, conflict drives Core Exiles.

Build - Build Resource Extractors, new weapons, settlements and more. You might become the Rockefeller of space!

Explore - Explore derelict wrecks and seek out new sources of minerals, forever blazing a path for others through the cosmos.

Socialize - With a friendly and welcoming group of fellow captains, you need never fly alone... unless you want to, of course!