Cosmic League is an action packed online arena shooter, where two teams of 10 are pitted against each other in knock-down, all out, close quarter battle arenas! Cosmic League features a constantly changing battlefield, so players must be aware of not only the actions of their opponents, but the environment as well. Prepare for battle and select your fighters from a cast of cute girls and deadly robots, and leap into the arena! Humes and Robots battle to claim the ultimate prize; the Cosmo Piece, a miraculous object which is capable of granting the thing one desires most, whatever that thing may be! Cosmic League delivers beautiful graphics and simply fun gameplay; all the things an arena shooter should deliver.

Cosmic League Game Features

Cute Girls And Killer Robots - Cosmic League is a game about cute girls and killer robots, and it delivers! Choose your favorite from a massive lineup of characters, learn their tricks and tactics, and rule the arena!

Classes And Tactics - Characters fulfil one of six roles during a battle; from close-range ground fighting Panzers, to Jammers which provide buffs to allies and hindrances to opponents

Master The Terrain - With a constantly changing environment, quickly responding to changes in the battlefield is critical

Intuitive Controls - The intuitive gameplay and controls make it easy to learn the game and start focusing on what is important; battles! Fly through the sky or dash across the ground to deliver knockout blows

The Cosmic League - Grow as a character by competing in one of three different types of leagues; Rookie, Prime, and Master.