Cosmos Invictus is a sci-fi collectible card game of fun and strategic battles with powerful Mechs, shrewd pilots, and unique customizable spaceships. Cosmos Invictus is known as a "strategic CCG" due to the use of tactical and positioning elements not found in other CCG-type games. You can position your mechs in formations during combat to enhance their utility, with their stats changing depending on the chosen formations. You can also customize your spaceships to make them more powerful, and use them to attack and counterattack your enemy .Special Pilot cards enable you to respond to the ebb and flow of the battle regardless of what cards you have in your hand. The fate of humanity is in your hands, and the battles to determine what that fate will be shall be epic!

Cosmos Invictus Key Features

Choose Your Side - Play as a captain of the Gaia Unity or of the High Frontier Alliance. The fate of the universe rests in your hands.

Giant Robots - A wide array of mechs await, with unique abilities and strengths. You can add pilots to your mechs to make them even stronger!

Powerful Spaceships - Attack and defend with potent space vessels which you can customize for further potency.

Skillful Pilots - You can play Pilot cards at any time, regardless of the types of cards you hold in your hand. A skilled pilot can help turn the tide of a battle!

Tactical Components - Mechs fight and maneuver in formations which impact their stats and strengths. Choose your formations wisely!