Counter-Strike Online 2, also known as CSO2, is a massively multiplayer online shooter, and the successor to Nexon Korea's and Valve Corporation's 2007 game Counter-Strike Online, which itself is an online version of the first-person multiplayer game Counter-Strike. Tailored for gaming audiences in Asia, Counter-Strike Online is an online phenomenon, with a huge playerbase in China, Korea, and Taiwan, CSO2 has come to the West! Counter-Strike Online 2 offers enhanced graphics, more realistic gameplay and powerful impact sensations powered by an enhanced version of the Source engine. The game also features various game modes enhancing its original game experience with new and improved environments, weapons, equipment customization and more!

Counter-Strike Online 2 Key Features

Many Modes - Pick from a variety of multiplayer modes, and pit yourself against skilled players from around the world. Can you win bragging rights as well as critical matches?

Many Characters - Pick your favorite character based on your playstyle, and set out for bullet-slinging fun and action. Will you choose sneaky Yuri, or professional Pierre?

Many Weapons - From sniper rifles to ultramodern pistols to selective fire SMGs and assault rifles, Counter-Strike Online 2 has enough guns to please the most discriminating gun nuts. Grab your ammo and get to work!