Crash Force is an online multiplayer arena shooter at its core with RPG and racing elements where the player assumes the role of a hovercraft to annihilate their enemies. The hovercraft are living beings. The players do not drive a hovercraft, they ARE the hovercraft! Enjoy this fun amalgamation game and experienced an array of different game features in one! Fly in fast paced, head to head battles and try to outmaneuver your enemy. Take advantage of unique weapons and abilities, and get every edge you can get. Be ready for anything - the stakes are high and so are the speeds!

Crash Force Key Features

Different Hovercraft, Different Roles - Each hovercraft is designed to be unique. All hovercraft are equipped with multiple weapon systems and unique traits - which will your ride of choice be?

MultiPlayer - Play with and against players from all around the world! True multiplayer lets you jump into a game and battle other players whenever you like.

Fierce Arena Battles - Battles in Crash Force take place in closed arenas where players are encouraged to use their surroundings and environment to utilize their hovercrafts**.** Get ready to fight!

Competitive Play - Competitive at its core, Crash Force encourages players to play with their own unique style and develop their skills in whatever way they see fit.