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Crazy Justice Crazy Justice Crazy Justice Crazy Justice Crazy Justice Crazy Justice Crazy Justice

Crazy Justice

Crazy Justice is a Battle Royale style shooter with different game modes, customizable characters, a multiplayer story mode, and more. The star of the game is of course the 100 player Battle Royale mode, where the last one standing wins. However, you can also team up with a few friends and travel across the world to save it from evil in a fun multiplayer co-op mode. Whichever way you play, you’ll begin by selecting a character and setting up their gear and abilities. Choose your favorite character from dozens of choices, select your skills, then loot some incredible weapons to create your own customized character. Just remember to stay inside the ever shrinking Safe Zone!

Crazy Justice Key Features

Design Your Character – Crazy Justice lets you design a character who fits your playstyle perfectly. Choose your hero from a roster of dozens, set up their skills, seek out epic gear and weapons, and get into the game your way.

Cross Platform Play – You can play with your friends regardless of whether they play on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. You’re free to play solo, or to team up and fight as a squad, supporting one another and outmaneuvering your enemy!

Battle Royale Mode – You can enter the insane 100 player battle royale mode in a standard character or your own customized one. Then, fight to the finish! You have weapons, walls, defense turrets, bandages, vehicles, and much more at your disposal.

Co-Op Multiplayer Fun – Team up with your friends and play through dozens of missions, and explore the world at the same time! Along the way you’ll learn lots of secrets and discover loads of loot.

Crazy Justice


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