Creativerse is a delightful free to play next-generation sandbox game about adventure, exploration and creativity with your friends. You find yourself stranded in a vast, mysterious world. It is a world awash in treasure, treacherous catacombs and breathtaking vistas. You are surrounded by ferocious beasts and remnants of ancient technology. You start from this blank slate and build whatever you wish, whatever you can imagine. Explore and seek out rare materials and recipes. Face off against fierce creatures and deadly enemies. Explore the width and breadth of this mysterious world. What you do and where you go is completely in your hands. You create the universe!

Creativerse Key Features

Adventure Awaits - From the highest peaks to the furthest depths, through jungles, deserts, and swamps, over pools of acid and lakes of lava, there’s something to discover around every corner, whether it’s rare materials, curious terrain or a pack of vicious cave dwellers hellbent on your destruction.

Colossal Creativity - Construct powerful tools, discover secret recipes and unlock a vast trove of building materials. Add creature taming, farming and gadgets like teleporters to the mix and you’ve got tremendous world-shaping power at your fingertips.

Multiplayer Adventures - Invite your friends along for the ride thanks to built in, easy-to-use multiplayer. Together, you can take on the night creatures, hunt down lost recipes and build your own utopia.