Crimson Tide: Operation Online is an action-packed multiplayer online game that combines the features of FPS, combat simulator and RPG. You enter the battlefield with a few bits of random gear and your wits, and the rest is up to you. Around you, a strange land stretches, with random weather conditions and no end of enemies. Somewhere out there are control points to capture, enemies to overcome, equipment to obtain, and much more. Pick your battles and plan your approach; both other players and combat bots are between you and your goals, and they shoot to kill!

Crimson Tide: Operation Online

Expansive World - Explore a wide and beautiful world and discover secrets, hiding places, and hidden items. Beautiful graphics deepen the experience as day becomes night, as you move through the trees, and as you peer around the corner into abandoned structures.

Get The Gear - You begin with a random outfit and nothing but your wits to guide you, but that will change. As you explore the world around you or overcome enemies, you will obtain weapons, ammunition, and gear to give you an edge.

Intense Action - Aim down the sights and get into the fight! Whether you are capturing points or hiding in wait, combat is fast paced and fun. Use cover and terrain to your advantage. Seek out the best gear and guns. And above all, be quicker on the trigger than your enemies!