CroNix is a free to play online multiplayer strategy game, set in a sci-fi post apocalyptic universe where you must fight to survive; in this world, its kill or be killed! CroNix is localized into many languages - Spanish, English, Korean, Czech and more - and its pits two teams of fighters against each other in fast paced, objective driven combat. To win, you must cooperate with your teammates and coordinate your efforts to secure and hold objectives and overcome opposition. CroNix provides a free to play, action-packed MMO experience, where you are free to cut loose, unleash your skills, and shoot your way to the top!

NOTE: CroNix seems to be abandoned as of January 2018

CroNix Key Features

Pick Your Persona - Players can select their favorite character from a list of unique characters, each with strengths, weaknesses, and unique traits. You can also unlock other characters as you play through the game, using your match winnings to gain access to different and new characters!

Objective Driven - Players must do more than simply kill enemies; the primary goal is to capture the enemy control point, and take control of their power cell! The combat is fast paced and dynamic, opening the doors for many different tactical and strategic approaches

Multiple Game Modes - In Cronix, players are free to choose between several types of PvE and PvP modes, each with different sets of objectives and parameters, including PvP and PvE Elimination and Raid modes!