Cronous is a free to play MMORPG similar to old-school games like Diablo, offering four unique classes each with unique skills and magic. As the Tartanos War was about to end, an uninvited guest entered the Cronous World. It was called Sidus, and it threw the world into chaos, destroying all resistance and leaving the people leaderless. No, the only hope is for warriors to rise up and challenge Sidus and its minions, if there is to be any chance to bring peace and stability back to the land. Do you have the courage and strength required to be that hero, and to stand fast against the forces that threaten your home?

Cronous Key Features

Level & Skill System - Cronous combines skill use with leveling into the Flexible Growth System. As you advance, you grow stronger and more specialized!

Battles & Magic - Combat and magic spells have been dynamically designed to emphasize the fun of action RPGs.

Skill Sets - Players may learn up to 30 different skills per character. You can focus on the things you enjoy, and on a playstyle which suits you.

Castle Management Sim - A guild’s power is measured by how well it manages built or captured castles and the land around them.

Siege Warfare - Players may use specially designed weapons usable only for siege warfare in epic battles! Man the trebuchet!